Products - Data Processing Unit

The Data Processing Unit is Virtex–5 (XC5VFX200T-1FF1738I) FPGA based embedded system designed and developed for processing the raw information from the front end system to a 128bit Signal Descriptor Word. The processed signal descriptor word is transmitted to host controller in 27.4ns on optical fiber link @ 3.125Gbps. The card is enclosed in a Conduction Cooled Mechanical enclosure specifically fabricated as per the customer requirement, meeting all the requirements of VITA 46 Standards.


    1. The hardware is capable of handling 360+ Digital I/O's.
    2. VITA-46 standard VPX Edge Connector handling twelve 3.125 Gbps serial data Lines.
    3. Single +5V/2A DC Supply Voltage.
    4. High Speed 1Gb DDR-SDRAM @ 200MHz, 256Mb NOR-FLASH Memory.
    5. The design is equipped with 1Gbps Ethernet link for accepting command controls from the host to process the data.
    6. The design is also equipped with a RS-232 COM Port for debugging purposes
    7. JTAG and on board configuration PROM for configuring the FPGA