Products - Digital Instantaneous Frequency Measurement module (DIFM).


The Digital Instantaneous Frequency Measurement (DIFM) receiver is capable of measuring the frequency of input RF signal almost instantaneously using Single FPGA and High Speed ADCs (The only delay is a latency of 4 clock cycles of 40MHz). The input frequency range can be from 500MHz to 2500MHz, the sensitivity of the DIFM receiver is better than -70dBm down pulse widths of 50ns. It has a built in high sensitivity CW circuit.

Feature like detection of Pulse on pulse (POP), Pulse on CW, Phase coded signals, and FMCW can be incorporated depending on customer requirement.

It is also possible to provide 6 to 10 dB higher sensitivity for large pulse widths and CW signals based on customer requirement.
The processor board can also be used for other frequency bands up to 18GHz and beyond.
This processor board has to be preceded by the RF Frontend Electronics consisting of RF AMPLIFIERS, POWER DIVIDER ASSEMBLY, DELAY LINES and PHASE CORRELATORS which will convert the input signal frequency to equivalent phase data and outputs them as process able video signals.


    1. Input Frequency Range: 500MHz to 2500MHz.
    2. Frequency Accuracy: 1 to 2 MHz R.M.S.
    3. Sensitivity (pulsed signals): Better then -70dBm.
    4. Sensitivity (CW signals): Better then -78dBm.
    5. DYNAMIC RANGE: 70dB minimum.
    6. Minimum Pulse Width: 100ns
→ Other Features:
    1. Pulse on Pulse Detection (POP).
    2. Pulse on CW Detection (POCW).
    3. FMCW Detection.
    4. BPSK, BARKER CODE and QPSK Detection.