Products - Direction Finding Processor

The DF/LPI-DF Processor is specifically designed to process videos generated by week RF signals (either CW or large pulse widths) which are radiated by different types Radars including LPI RADARS. This board has the capability to extract signals in the presence of large amount of noise. It contains 16 ADCs followed by XILINX VIRTEX Series FPGA. The processor board can process upto 16 Video inputs for amplitude based DF systems or 8 pairs of Video inputs for phase based DF systems. The processor board has the capability to process pulse width down to 50ns.

Number of VIDEO INPUTS Accepted : 16.
Types of DF Techniques Implemented : Amplitude/Phase Comparison.
Pulse width range : 50ns - 640µs and CW.
Edge Connectors : VME or VPX connectors
(Based on Customer Requirement)
Environmental Qualification : Fully ESS qualified.

Other features can be incorporated depending on Customer Requirements.