Products - Phase Measurement Module

The PHASE Measurement Module accepts two RF inputs in the frequency range 0.1GHz – 2.5GHz and gives two outputs which are proportional to sinφ and cosφ where φ is the relative phase difference between the two RF inputs. DC coupled outputs are available. Video load impedance of down to 100ohms can be driven. Phase matched sets up to 4no's of PMM with ±15° over temperature range 0f -20 to +55 ºC are available.

Input Frequency Range : 0.1GHz – 2.5GHz
Sensitivity : -45dBm without RF PRE-AMPLIFIER.
  -70dBm with RF PRE-AMPLIFIER.
Dynamic Range : 60dB.
Phase Linearty : + 15°
Minimum Pulse Width : 50ns.

Other Specifications can also be achieved depending on Customer Requirements.