Products - Amplitude Measurement Module

This module is primarily designed to measure the signal amplitude of input RF signals in the frequency range 500 MHz to 2500 MHz, it has a log slope of 50mv/dB and a dynamic range of >60dB. Both DC coupled and AC coupled outputs are available parallel. Video load impedance of down to 100ohms can be driven. Amplitude matched sets up to 16no's of AMM with ±1.5dB over temperature range 0f -20 to +55 ºC are available.


Input Frequency Range : 100MHz to 2.5 GHz
Sensitivity : -60dBm without RF PRE-AMPLIFIER
  -70dBm with RF PRE-AMPLIFIER
Dynamic Range : 60dB.
Log Linearty : + 1dB  
DC 0FFSET :  + 100mv (max) 
Log slope :  50mv/dB.
Minimum Pulse Width :  50ns. 

Other Specifications can also be achieved depending on Customer Requirements.